AnyBPO Helps Global Telco Company with Diverse Location Selection

A multibillion-dollar US telco company faced challenges in identifying diverse locations for their English support services to meet the needs of their customers in the US. The company needed a partner that could help them find the right outsource partners with the right geographic presence and linguistic expertise. That’s when they turned to AnyBPO Ltd.

AnyBPO conducted a thorough analysis of the company’s needs and requirements, assessing the specific support services required. With a highly curated network of BPO partners, AnyBPO was able to present the telco company with a shortlist of potential partners that were a perfect fit.

After a rigorous vetting process, the company found the right partners in various locations, including Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Jamaica, South Africa, and Egypt. This allowed the company to expand its presence globally and provide English support services to customers in diverse areas. Additionally, by partnering with AnyBPO, the company was able to save on operational costs and focus on its core competencies.

This case study demonstrates how AnyBPO Ltd. can help companies discover the ideal outsource partners that fit their unique needs. By leveraging AnyBPO’s network, companies can quickly and easily find the right BPO partner while saving on operational and capital costs.

Multibillion-dollar US telco company